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Out and About in the Community with: Rob Lonie

Which local real estate agent did we spot strutting his stuff on stage at the Tea Tree Gully Summer Gardens Festival recently?

None other than Boffo’s musically talented sales partner, Rob Lonie.

On March 1st and 2nd over 12,000 people visited Civic Park to enjoy the Tea Tree Gully Summer Gardens Festival, a community celebration of family entertainment, gourmet food and beverages. Of course it was no surprise to see our sales partner Rob Lonie actively involved in supporting the event with many locals and familiar faces in the crowd.

While we usually hear the sweet sound of family-man Rob chatting with the local residents in his specialist areas of Tea Tree Gully, Hope Valley and St Agnes, this time he was up on stage strumming his guitar in the TTG Summer Gardens Festival Battle of the Bands event.

Unlike Rob, most of our team don’t have any musical talent so it’s good that you won’t find us involved in a Battle of the Bands event at your local park! But we do love being involved in the community in any way we can - it is part and parcel of being a resident in the north eastern suburbs where we live, love, laugh and work.

Thinking of selling your property in Tea Tree Gully, Hope Valley or St Agnes? Give Rob Lonie a call, he is the friendliest local real estate specialist in your area. At Boffo, our door is always open and a friendly person will always answer your call.