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Your Autumn Property Management Checklist

Every landlord needs to be mindful of the regular property maintenance and repairs that should be carried out as the cooler months approach.

When you become a landlord, you may choose to manage the property yourself or place your investment property in the hands of a diligent property manager. A property manager will inform you of the results of regular property inspections conducted on your behalf, as well as the need for maintenance and repairs as they arise. If you don’t have a property manager looking after your investment property, these are the tasks you should have on your autumn or pre-winter property management checklist:

Clean Gutters

Blocked gutters and downpipes can cause extensive water damage to the property.

In a leafy suburb, gutters may need to be checked and cleared quite often, especially in summer and autumn. In properties that don’t receive a lot of tree litter, gutters should be inspected once or twice a year with an autumn or pre-winter inspection essential.

Roofing Inspection

Roofs in poor condition can attract pests such as possums and rats, and create leaks which result in damage to your insulation, structural beams and ceilings. Before the arrival of winter, tiled and Colourbond roofs should be inspected for:

  • Moss, mould, lichen or algae build-up
  • Rusted sections
  • Cracked, displaced or broken tiles and ridge capping

Check for Hidden Leaks

Inspect your property indoors and out for hidden leaks which can lead to property damage such as rotten timbers and unhealthy mould. Leaks can be caused by plumbing problems, broken tiles on the roof, blocked gutters or downpipes. Autumn is the perfect time of year to make sure your property is free of leaks before winter hits.

Service Your Smoke Alarms

It is a requirement to install and maintain smoke alarms in rental properties. With winter on the way, homes are more at risk of fire from things like faulty electric blankets, items left too close to heaters and clothes dryers. So, while you’re doing your pre-winter maintenance, get the smoke alarms professionally checked and serviced.

Garden Maintenance

Autumn or early winter are good seasons to prune while the weather is cool and the plants have time to recover before their spring growth kicks in. Along with pruning, don’t forget to weed, replenish mulch and remove any dead growth.

Servicing Appliances

While your tenants are likely to inform you if an appliance stops working, it is important to conduct regular maintenance checks and schedule services for appliances such as heaters and air conditioners.

Pest Control

An annual pest inspection ensures that your property remains free of pests that can cause significant damage, such as white ants and rodents. Add pest control to your autumn property maintenance checklist!

Review the Rental Income

An annual review of your cashflow strategy and rental income is essential for both positively and negatively geared properties. Keeping the rent in line with the market median for the area helps to ensure your financial investment remains viable.

Review Your Need for a Property Manager

It is also good to regularly review your need for a property manager as hiring a diligent property manager saves landlords time and money.

Property managers secure high quality tenants, collect rent, lodge bonds, manage the on-boarding and exit processes, ensure legal compliance, and organise property repairs and maintenance.

Property management fees are tax deductible, so reviewing the benefits of hiring a diligent property manager is an important item on your ongoing property management checklist.

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