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What to Grow in Winter: Inside & Out

While it may be a little chilly outside, rug up and make the most of the day by doing some work in the garden.

You have a fresh pair of slippers on, the heater is set to high and there’s a delicious home-made soup on the stove — it definitely feels easier to stay inside during winter months, rather than being outside in the garden in the cold.

Get rid of those nasty weeds!

With rain comes weeds, and with weeds comes more weeds as they mature and set seed. Be sure to keep on top of them and remove them before they spread and give you even more work to do.

Make the most of the softer soil at this time of year, and easily remove the weeds —roots and all— by hand.

Sharpen the secateurs

Winter time is the best time to give many of your plants a haircut.

Roses, hydrangeas, deciduous fruit trees, grape vines and perennials will all benefit from being cut back to help encourage new growth in the coming months.

If the rain is coming in sideways, there's always indoors.

Put the kettle on and get cosy, while tending to your green friends who prefer the indoors.

While many plants rely on sunshine, there are some who are accustomed to only a small amount — and these varieties make the perfect indoor plants.


If you've made a name for yourself in your friendship circle as a notorious plant killer, be sure to grab a cactus on your next trip to the plant shop.

They're dought-tolerant, and store all the water they receive, so only require a minimal amount of water throughout winter.

Keep an eye out for 'Bunny Ears' (Opuntia microdasys), 'Chin Cactus' (Gymnocalycium), Star Cactus (Astrophytumasteria), and 'Saguaro Cactus' (Carnegieagigantea) at the shops, as these varieties thrive indoors.

Snake Plants (Sansevieria)

Snake plants require very little water and sunlight, making them the perfect year-round companion for the not-so green thumbed.

Rubber Trees (ficus elastica)

Rubber trees truly are the perfect house plant. Not only are they easy to care for, they're perfectly in-trend and make a great addition to any room.

They can be grown both outside in the ground, and inside within a pot and can form a striking part of your decor for years to come.