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6 Tips For A Cosy Home This Winter

Shivers, hasn’t it been a cold start to winter?

If you’ve been struggling to stay warm at home on those chilly mornings and weekends, here are a few tips to make your home a toasty winter retreat.

1. Snug as a bug with a rug

Floorboards and tiles look great, but they’re cold underfoot in the depths of winter. If the thought of foot-freeze keeps you hitting the snooze button in the morning, a few strategically placed rugs will give your toes the respite they need. A rug next to the bed, along cold dark hallways, and in dining and living areas will make a huge difference. Thick pile, wool or shag rugs provide a warm vibe as well as warm feet.

2. Change sheets

Flannelette sheets are an underrated indulgence in winter. Nothing quite beats crawling into bed when they’ve been pre-warmed with an electric blanket too. Change your summer weight quilt to a winter one too to ensure you stay warm all through the night, and add layers with a blanket or thick woollen throw rug. Soft throw pillows on the bed make your bedroom look softer and warmer, as well as being practical when you need to prop yourself up to read a good book.

3. Seeing warm is being warm

What you see plays a big part in how you feel. In summer, light floral tones are great on bedding, tables and sofas, but in winter use rich earthy tones and dark colours, which make bedrooms and living rooms feel moodier, warmer and cosier.

4. Scents and sensibility

Just as what you see can change your comfort levels, your sense of smell can give your internal thermostat a nudge too. In winter, we’re naturally drawn to spicy, woody or musky scents as they provide a homely feel and warm the soul. The flicker of a warm flame and the inviting scent of a candle can help you create a warm haven in any room.

5. Make your home a greenhouse

Nothing brings instant life to the inside of your home like a plant or two. In winter they provide visual warmth to a room, plus they’ll purify the air, which is great when you’re spending more time indoors.

6. It’s curtains for the cold

A great deal of heat is lost through windows in winter. Heavy, lined curtains in a thick fabric will keep the cold out and the heating in. A nice thick textured curtain will also visually warm up a space too.

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