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Agent Spotlight: John Riggall

Introducing John Riggall, one of the most experienced real estate agents in the business and one of Boffo’s newest sales partners.

After running his own successful real estate business for 25+ years, John is now enjoying the dynamic resources, exciting auction culture and team of energetic real estate professionals at Boffo.

John’s speciality locations are Walkerville and Gilberton, along with commercial properties right across Adelaide. It is his family values, honesty and professional approach that has earned him a reputation as one of Adelaide’s most respected real estate agents.

Record Achievements

One of Johns’s best sales was in June 2023 when he sold 16 Northcote Terrace Gilberton for $3,485,000. The 2841sqm, four bedroom, two bathroom, two car property was purchased for land value, with the subsequent development of five new homes coming to market in 2025.

16 Northcote

Sold by John Riggall: 16 Northcote Terrace, Gilberton

Local Real Estate Results

When you’re an old hand at selling real estate like John, you are in demand all over Adelaide. His recent sales extend outside of Walkerville and Gilberton to include:

Community Involvement

A family man and sports fan, John is a proud sponsor of the Walkerville Cricket Club. The club supports junior to senior players and recently claimed the 20/20 Championship Cup for 2024.

When out and about actively involved in the local community, John has one sound piece of advice for property buyers:

“Don’t wait to buy real estate; buy real estate and wait.”

John Riggall Spotlight crop

John Riggall with players from the Walkerville Cricket Club at their 2024 finals

If you’d like more pearls of wisdom from our property expert John Riggall, give him a shout or contact the friendly team at Boffo Real Estate – our door is always open.