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Your Summer Sale Preparation Guide

Selling your Adelaide home in summer provides an opportunity to focus on the lifestyle aspects of the property and showcase them in their best light.

While it is important to declutter, deep clean and refresh your home before selling, a summer sale is also the perfect time to draw buyers’ attention to your property’s inviting indoor/outdoor lifestyle. And hey, you want buyers to fall in love with as many things about your home as possible, right?

So, you have received a property appraisal from your local Boffo real estate agent and you’re ready to list your property for sale. But first, prepare your home for a successful summer sale by:

Using hot weather to your advantage

When selling Adelaide properties in summer you can almost bank on the fact that some open inspections will fall on days when the mercury soars towards 40 degrees. But don’t get too hot and bothered about it – your home can feel cool and enticing even in scorching summer heat.

  • Service the aircon and make sure all ceiling fans are working so buyers will feel instant relief when they inspect your home.
  • Make sure the swimming pool is sparkling clean. Create a cool and inviting atmosphere with poolside recliners, leafy pot plants and sun umbrellas.
  • Add tall potted plants to paved courtyards and balconies to create leafy shade.
  • Keep garden beds, pot plants and lawns well-watered prior to and during the sales campaign.
  • Clean tiled floors until they gleam – over-heated house-hunters will find them cool and crisp on a hot day!

Maintain your lawns and gardens

A lush, green, tidy garden will impress most buyers and is a relatively low-cost way to give your home extensive summer appeal.

  • Mow the lawn and nature strip and water them thoroughly afterwards. Don’t forget the edges for a neat and tidy finish!
  • Weed lawns and garden beds – an outdoor space should appear relaxing, not a chore.
  • Trim hedges, remove dead flowers and plant new shrubs in any gaps.
  • Replenish mulch or bark chips.
  • Finish the job by pressure-cleaning driveways and paths around the home.

Paint outdoors as well as inside

Create a fresh vibe by painting exterior surfaces that are looking tired and weather-beaten. Exterior woodwork and even fences, gates and letterboxes will sparkle on a sunny day when freshly painted.

Invite the outdoors inside via clean windows

Let buyers enjoy the home’s tranquil aspect to sunny outdoor areas and lush gardens through clean and shining windows. Clean the glass and the windowsills, and all glass doors.

Swab the decks!

Timber decks are an attractive way to define an outdoor space, but timber’s rich natural lustre requires maintenance to look good.

  • Clean and re-stain faded timber decks, posts and railings.
  • Place clusters of pot plants on timber decks along with clean and tidy outdoor furniture.

Enhance garden nooks

If your garden has a few nooks and crannies – lawn nestled amidst established garden beds or small paved areas beneath towering trees, utilise these spaces to show the potential to enjoy peace and quiet in your own back garden.

  • Place a hammock beneath a shady tree.
  • Add a quaint table and chair to a well-shaded garden nook.
  • Create a landscaped space for an outdoor fire pit.

Freshen the alfresco

Outdoor rugs and stylish seat cushions add softness to an alfresco space. Clean the outdoor kitchen or barbecue, and turn on outdoor fans at open inspections. Include one big pot plant or a cluster of smaller pots to add cool, tropical vibes.

Follow these tips to highlight your home’s outdoor lifestyle appeal when selling in summer. Friendly Boffo sales agents are out and about in Adelaide’s north east suburbs providing appraisals and offering more helpful ideas about ways to prepare your home for a summer sale.

If you’d like a free property appraisal and to discuss selling your home with an attentive Boffo sales agent this summer, give us a call!