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Save yourself some hard-earned cash
while renovating
with these handy tips.

We’ve all watched The Block and been both excited, and a little bit scared by the idea of renovating!

Renovation isn’t anything to be worried about though, and can actually be a factor in increasing the value of your home before putting it on the market to rent or sell.

Simple fixes and upgrades can potentially add tens of thousands of dollars of value to your home, and with the amount of resources at our fingertips, doing it yourself is easier than ever.

Before you go knocking down walls or planning a full-scale remodel, there are other ways to give your home a face lift before you say goodbye. Start planning your next trip to Bunnings!

Check your appliances

Everything from air conditioners to ovens and dishwashers get a workout around the home, but before they get sent to the dump, see if you can repair or upscale!

Any built-in appliances should be cleaned top to bottom, and in good, working order. If a piece of hardware on your appliance is broken, take a look in the manual and see if you can find details on how to have it replaced. Give the supplier a call, and they may be able to help with supplying a new part. If your appliance is a little older and a discontinued model, sometimes a quick Google Search of your appliance make and model can uncover a number of forums of fellow owners and direct you to where to replace a part.

A fresh coat of paint

You would be amazed by the difference a fresh coat of paint can make! Whether it’s your home exterior, the front fence, the interior walls or even your ceilings, paint – particularly if it’s been around for a few years – can be one of the biggest factors of making your home look aged.

Before you get the paintbrush out, there’s some preparation to undertake. The staff at your local hardware or paint store will be more than happy to give you some advice, and help you get what you need to get started.

Surfaces need to be clean of any dust or markings, and interior areas in particular need to be prepped with tape around floor and ceiling skirtings, lights and other wall fittings. Make sure to protect anything nearby, like furniture or carpet! Generally you should start with a coat of primer before getting stuck into your first coat. You should also have good quality rollers, brushes and paint.

There’s also the all-important colour! The colour of walls and ceilings can have a big impact on the feeling of the room, so do your research beforehand – there are many, many different shades of white! Our Agents and Property Managers can provide some advice on what will be best for your property.

Be patient – take your time and be thorough with the little spots and corners.

Clean that carpet!

Carpet can easily wear out over the years, but you don’t need to rip it all up and replace it to bring it back to life!

Professional carpet cleaning equipment can be hired and easily used, or for a fee you can have the pros come in to help you. A deep clean can make a huge difference to the appearance, feeling and even the smell of carpet!

If carpet has start to come up at the floor skirtings or underneath doors, have a chat to the staff at your local hardware store and they can advise the best materials to do small repairs.

Fix your fixings

Renovations to your kitchen or bathroom can be some of the most expensive, but there are plenty of smaller, cheaper fixes you can do before you get the sledgehammer out!

Fixings like taps and cupboard handles can be easily updated for a low cost, with just a basic tool kit and maybe a YouTube tutorial video or two to guide you. Older styles of fixings can make kitchens and bathrooms feel dated, so look for more modern styles in classic colours and styles for your upgrades. This can also apply to door handles throughout your home.

Street appeal

We might not all be green thumbs, but a bit of landscaping in the garden can make a big difference to the feeling of your home. Put a Sunday aside, grab some gardening gloves and get stuck in.

Overgrown bushes and plants should be removed, hedges trimmed, weeds pulled and leaves swept up.

Gardening isn’t just about removing, but adding as well! A couple of bags of soil and some plants doesn’t cost the world, and with a bit of care can mean some beautiful new additions to your leafy outlook. Look for plants that don’t need a lot of TLC, or incorporate a number of potted plants that can have their own space to flourish.

Take it to the next level and consider adding a gravel path, a veggie garden or even an outdoor setting.

Behind closed (cupboard) doors

Renovations don’t always have to be obvious, and can be hidden behind the closed doors of a cupboard or cabinet.

Older homes often have wooden draws, fiberboard or particle board shelving, or vinyl covering that wears out over the years. Upgrading shelving and draws makes a big difference to the quality of those all-important storage areas.

Fiberboard shelving can be removed and replaced with more modern solutions that also increase the amount of storage you have. Vinyl coverings should be pulled up and the surfaces cleaned. Use neutral colours and styles as replacements to create the feeling of a fresh, blank canvas, and use lighter colours and open shelving to create the illusion of more space.

Get that return

The most important thing is the return on these renovations. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on your 'reno rumble', only for it not to pay off in the long run. Be sure to crunch the numbers before you start and stick to a pre-planned budget.

Planning is important when it comes to any renovations or updates to your home. You might be able to handle it all yourself, or you might need to give the professionals a call. You should also think about the outcome your renovations will achieve, and ensure this is going to be as appealing for buyers and tenants as possible.

Ready to rumble?

Feel free to speak to our knowledgeable Agents and Property Managers if you’re thinking about renovating before selling your home or putting it on the market to rent. They can take a look at your home and discuss the potential renovations, and the market value it could gain.