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Make sure your home office works for you

Working from home has been the rule rather than the exception this year. As a result, we’ve all discovered the benefits.

There’s the 30 second commute from the bedroom of course. And unless you have a zoom call, your PJs can be your workwear. On the flip side, it’s easy to be distracted by the TV, other members of the family or the chocolate biscuits in the pantry. If you’re working from home more than you used to, here are a few simple rules that will ensure you’re as efficient and productive as you can be.

1. Don't use your dining table as your desk

It’s important to create a dedicated work space at home, especially if you’re working when other family members are at home. A spare bedroom or dedicated home office space is great, but if that’s not possible, choose a place where you can be free of distractions.

And try to ensure your home office is just that, not a place you also watch TV or your kids do their homework.

2. Location, location, location.

If clients will be visiting your home office, it’s better if it's near the front of your home or has a separate entrance, so they won’t have to walk through your whole house to get there. Try to ensure your home office isn’t next to the TV room or underneath the kids’ rumpus room.

3. Comfort and convenience.

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your home office, a good quality chair is essential. Make sure you have plenty of storage too, so you don’t end up with clutter on your desk! Ensure everything you’ll need - desk, printer, stationery, phone - is within reach, so you won’t have to leave the space while you’re working.

4. The right light will help you switch on.

Studies have shown that natural light during the day and good lighting at night can improve productivity. If you have the option of a north facing room, you’ll have good natural light even in winter. Poor quality lighting at night can fatigue your eyes and cause drowsiness, so ensure that the areas where you work are well lit. Warm lighting is calming, but cool lighting is better for productivity.

5. Green means go.

Colour too has an affect on productivity and even your creativity. If you have green walls or even a green feature wall in your home office, a glimpse of green might help you with creative tasks. Plants, cushions and artworks are other ways you can bring green into your office space.

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