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Keeping Your Investment Property In Good Shape

With the weather warming up, it’s a great time to do the maintenance jobs on your investment property that you may have neglected over winter.

Even if you’re not looking for new tenants in the near future, it’s important to ensure little problems don’t become bigger, more costly ones.

Screen time.

Spring is a good time to inspect window screens. You want them to let in air but not flies and mosquitoes, so check for holes and damage and give them a good clean with the garden hose.

Give the green thumb a workout.

Gardens usually look their best in spring, but now is the time to prepare for the hot weather ahead. A good layer of mulch not only makes the garden more attractive, it helps the soil retain moisture and protects roots against the harsh summer sun. When plants have finished their spring flowering, give them a trim to increase vigor and help them maintain an attractive shape.

Smoke signals.

As a landlord, you’re responsible for the safety of your tenants. This includes making sure your smoke alarms are in good working order. Replace the batteries and test each alarm to make sure it will do its job if required.

Safe and sound.

Speaking of safety, it’s important to ensure your house and yard is a safe place for your tenants. Check for anything that could be a problem in the near future, like dead, overhanging branches or loose stepping stones and pavers.

Brush up on your painting skills.

Your home’s exterior takes a real beating. Extremes of heat and cold, rail, hail and wind all take their toll on painted surfaces. If paint is fading or flaking, you might want to give it a fresh coat or at least a touch up, especially if it’s been more than five years since the last coat.

Get into the gutters.

Although it rains less often in summer, storms can bring heavy downpours in a short amount of time. Gutters and downpipes that are choked with leaves and small branches can overflow, block drains and cause flooding. So it’s always a good idea to keep your property’s gutters clean and clear. Have someone hold the bottom of your ladder for safety, and wear gloves as gutters can have sharp edges.

Clean and condition.

Like any major appliance, air conditioners need regular servicing. If your air conditioner hasn’t been serviced for a few years, spring is a great time to get it done. An air conditioning technician will check and clean the filters and components so your A/C will run safely and efficiently all through summer.

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