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How to keep your cool at home this summer

After a fairly mild December, we’ve already had a couple of scorchers to start the new year.

With a couple of months of summer still to come, we thought we’d give you a few tips on keeping your house cool when the temperature soars.

Become a fan of fans.

Air conditioners are one of the most expensive appliances to run. Pedestal and desk fans are a great way to keep cool, and will keep your electricity bills in check. If it gets really hot, you can use fans in conjunction with the air conditioner to move cool air around the house.

Keep the blinds down when temperatures are up.

Radiant heat comes straight through unprotected windows on hot days. If you have windows that face east in the morning or west in the afternoon, keep the blinds down or the curtains drawn when the sun is on them. You’ll be amazed at how much cooler the house will be.

In the evening, open the blinds and windows to let the cool air in

Change the direction of your ceiling fans.

Turn on your ceiling fan. If it rotates clockwise, it’s pulling air up, rather than straight down to where you need it for summer. Adjust the setting on your ceiling fan to counter-clockwise so it’s doing the job it’s supposed to. Then in autumn, adjust it back to clockwise for winter. Ceiling fans are made to be used in conjunction with heating and air conditioning, and will make your home feel much cooler.

Cook outside rather than roasting inside.

Ovens and stoves can make an already hot kitchen unbearable. So why not cook dinner on the barbie in the backyard or even in the local park? In the evenings, temperatures often drop quicker outside than in the house, so it’s a nice way for the family to enjoy the cool of the evening.

Create zones with doors.

Why cool the bedrooms during the day when you’re not in them? Close doors to the rooms you don’t need cooled and the air conditioning will be much more effective in the places you need it. Better still, cool just one room in the hottest part of the day and stay there as much as possible.

Change your sheets.

And by that we mean to cotton or linen for summer. Both materials breathe and will feel much cooler than polyester or fleece. A buckwheat pillow is a good investment too as it won’t hold heat like conventional pillows can. Keep a fan on low as well and you’re set for a good night’s sleep no matter how warm it is.

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