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Agent Spotlight: Harley Simcic

It is Harley Simcic’s calm and composed demeanour that makes property management look like a cruisy ride.

Harley found top gear recently when he stepped into the role of Boffo’s Property Management Training and Development Specialist. He demonstrates his inherent organisation skills, unfailing patience and positive attitude to lead by example and teach others the attributes of an outstanding property manager.

Notable accolades in property management

Along the road to property management stardom, Harley has earnt considerable acclaim with the following industry awards:

  • Top Property Manager REISA Silver Winner 2023
  • Top Property Manager 2023 Boffo Annual Awards
  • Top Property Manager REISA Bronze Winner 2023
  • Top Property Manager 2021 Boffo Annual Awards

Rendering his conflict negotiation skills almost redundant is Harley’s exceptional ability to build positive, lasting relationships with landlords, tenants and tradespeople, ensuring smooth-sailing property management all day long.

Pride in his work and care for others

The driving force behind Harley’s rapid rise to success is his unflappable personality even in high pressure situations, while individually managing up to 215 properties at any given time.

In training new property managers, Harley is famous for his catch-phrase, “you learn more from the things you do wrong, than the things you do rightDerived from the extensive knowledge Harley has gained in dealing with the wide variety of unexpected situations that arise in property management, Harley is one who never makes the same mistake twice.

His pride in his work, sharing and caring nature, and passion for property management done well is why Harley Simcic’s star shines high in the sky and sheds light on all those around him.

You can learn more about Boffo Real Estate’s Award-Winning Property Management Training & Development Specialist here, or you can call our hotshot property management team to chat about your property management needs.