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A Guide To Selling Your Home In Autumn

As the leaves begin to fall, the open inspection signs start to go up. Autumn is a popular time for selling homes.

The weather’s still good, life is back into a routine after Christmas and the New Year, and buyers want to move before winter arrives. If you’re looking to sell in autumn, here are six tips to ensure your home is ‘sale ready’.

1. The heat is on

Buyers love a cosy, warm home. If it’s been a while since you had your heater serviced or your fireplace and chimney cleaned, make sure you get it done before the cooler weather - and your open inspections - arrive.

2. How does your garden grow?

Street appeal gets buyers out of their cars. If your garden looks a bit dry, make sure you bring it back to life with plenty of water. Feed the lawn too so it becomes lush and green again. Fallen leaves are the symbol of autumn, but also make your yard look messy, so give your yard a good sweep before an inspection.

3. Don't leave the leaves

Speaking of leaves, your gutters are probably full of them, just waiting to block your downpipes after the first decent rainfall. It’s a bit of a tedious job, but make sure you get the ladder out of the shed and the leaves out of the gutters.

4. How about a new coat?

Summer has probably been tough on your home’s exterior surfaces. If your paintwork is looking a bit worse for wear, a touch up can make a huge difference. Inside too, a room that’s looking a bit dark or dated can be brightened inexpensively and easily with a fresh coat of paint.

5. Shed some light

Good lighting is inviting. With days getting shorter and the evenings darker, make sure your lighting is up to the job. Your outdoor lights should be all working and bright. Ensure your inside lights and heat lamps are functioning properly too.

6. Long weekends shorten autumn

With Adelaide Cup Day, Easter and Anzac Day all falling in autumn, there are a number of weekends when buyers could be away or busy with family. Keep these in mind when planning your inspection calendar. Also keep an eye on when daylight saving ends as this could change your open times.

Looking to sell this Autumn? If you'd like an agent who knows how to get the best price for your place, give them team at Boffo a call.