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7 Marketing Tools To Help Sell Your Home

When selling your home, you want as many people as possible to know about it.

Every home and seller is different, but here are the most common and effective ways to ensure potential buyers are beating a path to your door.

1. Photography

A picture really does say a thousand words, and when selling your home it also answers lots of questions: How big are the rooms? Has the home been maintained or renovated? How’s the garden? Could I work in that kitchen? Is there enough storage? Quality photography that shows your home in its best light is still one of the best marketing tools.

2. Signboards

For Sale signs in front of homes have been used for centuries for a reason - they work. A good percentage of buyers will already live close to your home, so letting them know it’s available often leads to enquiries even before other marketing begins.

3. Good copy

A buyer likes the look of your home, the price and location. Copy keeps them interested as it highlights your home’s benefits - distances from schools and shops, the year it was built and renovated, heating and cooling, how good the food is at the local pub. Well crafted copy will help bring buyers into your home.

4. Online property sites

Over 90% of buyers start online when looking for a home, which makes websites like and a really important part of any marketing strategy. Buyers will do online inspections to decide whether a real inspection is worthwhile, so the right combination of photography and copy will make a huge difference.

5. Brochures

At open inspections, people still love a brochure in their hands while looking around homes. It’s also something they look at again and again while comparing the homes they've seen. A brochure is like a highlights package; it displays and describes your home’s best and most desirable features.

6. Social media

Social media makes sense because your home is shown to people who have shown an interest in the real estate agent, the area, or in buying. It also enables people to share properties with friends and family. Boffo embraces the latest technology to ensure no stone is left unturned when finding a buyer, as a result we have built over the years one of the largest and most effective Facebook Profiles for any real estate agency in South Australia.

7. Direct marketing

Real estate agents will also have a database of people who are interested in property. At Boffo, we have over 42,000 people with whom we can share details of your home via email. And we can invite people in your area to inspect the property via letterbox drops.

Boffo Marketing Collateral

Of course, a good real estate agent is another must have in your marketing arsenal. If you're thinking of selling, Boffo will work with you to tailor the right marketing strategy for your home.