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6 Steps To Creating The Ultimate Zen Home

We've been spending a lot more time at home in the last couple of years.

It's therefore important that our home is somewhere we feel relaxed and calm, especially if it's both a living and a working environment. A clean and uncluttered home can have an amazingly positive effect on your state of mind, so here are some simple ways to turn your home into a haven of tranquility.

1. Cool, calm and uncluttered

If you’re a bit of a hoarder or your home is full of ‘stuff’, you’ll know that it’s hardly conducive to a feeling of calm. Breathing space, both literally and visually, is important, so start your zen space by being a bit ruthless - strip things back and only have furniture and items in the space that are absolutely necessary. A lack of storage often leads to a cluttered home, so ensure you have adequate storage for all your non-essentials.

2. Lighten up

Natural light can work wonders in making your home feel bright and airy. Opening your blinds or curtains also invites a bit of nature inside, and a view of the garden or even a small amount of greenery can make you feel relaxed and calm. Use warm lighting throughout your home too. Instead of harsh overhead lighting, try a combination of softer task and ambient lighting.

3. Go green

Speaking of bringing nature inside, indoor plants are a great way to not only calm your mind, but improve the quality of the air. There are a number of low maintenance houseplants that will not just survive, but thrive, even if you’re not blessed with a green thumb.

4. The perfect palette

A simple aesthetic works best in creating a zen home. This includes your choice of palette. Colours like red and orange stimulate the mind and can make us anxious, so opt instead for the soft greens and cool blues of nature. A more neutral palette will help you create an oasis of calm after a frantic day - especially important in bedrooms where the aim is to escape the stresses of the day.

5. Why scents make sense

Visual appeal isn’t the only way to create a feeling of calm. The right scents can also help you breathe easy. Soy or beeswax candles and essential oils are a natural way to enhance your room and your mood, and they can mask some of the less pleasant smells in your home, especially if you have pets.

6. Create a quiet corner or room

If you can’t give your whole home the tranquillity treatment, why not create a zen zone? Keep it uncluttered and clear of electronic distractions. Add a comfy chair or sofa and plenty of greenery and natural light and you’ll have the perfect stress-free escape.

Of course the other way to have a zen home is to move into one. If you're looking to buy or rent, call the friendly team at Boffo and we'll take care of the rest.