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10 Tips For Keeping Entertained In Lockdown

As we head back into lockdown here in Adelaide, the Boffo team is remembering our favourite ways to stay positive and active while we're at home.

From keeping fit to taking inspiration from Marie Kondo, here are 10 things you can do while you spend some time at home.

Create a morning routine

With the normal morning commute out of the picture, you might be feeling a bit lost in how to get yourself ready for each day in lockdown. One of the best ways to stay on track during lockdown is to create a new morning routine to set yourself up for the day.

Continue waking up at a regular time, and start the day by doing some light exercise or another activity to create a distinction between bed and work. Make yourself a coffee or tea, have some breakfast, and most importantly, get dressed into something other than trackies! Do all of that and you’ll help your brain to switch into work mode better than rolling out of bed into your WFH office!


Lockdown is definitely not easy, but when else will you be forced to stay in the house? Make the most of it and take the time to relax and wind down, enjoy some couch time, binge watch a TV show or work your way through that stack of books on your bedside table.

Have some fun with the kids

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘I’m bored!’ already said multiple times from the younger members of your household. While the kids may be doing virtual school during the weekdays, come weekend you’ll need some activities lined up and ready to go.

Keep the kids busy, and spend some quality time with them in the process! Here’s some ideas to get you started...

  • Reintroduce them to some classic board games

  • Have an art session

  • Set up a scavenger hunt around the house

  • Teach them to cook something delicious

  • Write some creative stories to share with each other, or some letters to loved ones

  • Make a family time capsule video – record yourselves recounting how you’re feeling, and set a date to watch it in a year or more

  • Have a family movie night complete with popcorn, plenty of blankets and pillows

Get moving

You got a house? You got a gym! There are plenty of things you can do during lockdown to stay fit and active. The current lockdown restrictions still allow us to go for a walk or run within 2.5 kilometres of home, so if you have a pooch it’s the perfect time to treat them to to a walk!

You can also create your very own home gym right in your living room – there are endless amounts of online workouts you can follow for a quick workout, a yoga flow, or even a dance party to stay active.

Stay connected

Keeping in contact with family and friends is so important when we’re in lockdown. Thankfully our loved ones are a Facetime away, so it’s the perfect time to check in with others and stay connected. You could even have some fun with a virtual quiz night, or a virtual group activity like a choir session!

Do some life admin

Lockdown is a great time to finally tick off all of those life administration tasks you’ve been putting off. You could file your tax return, book doctor and dentist appointments (in a few weeks time perhaps!), organise important documents, write some cards… The possibilities are endless!

Ready, steady, cook

Lockdown means more time to enjoy cooking up some delicious food to eat, or learning how to make something new. Plenty of the Boffo team have enjoyed baking their own bread, making delicious cakes, or with the weather being colder, setting the slow cooker on for the day.

Spark joy

What better time than lockdown to give your home the Marie Kondo treatment and declutter. Start small with your linen cupboard or pantry, and work your way through the home one area at a time. Make sure to put aside anything that’s still in good condition, but doesn’t spark joy for you anymore, to donate or sell once lockdown is lifted.

Learn something new

If you’re all Netflix-ed out, use this time at home to learn something new. You could start learning a new language with apps like Duolingo, start some beginner lessons with that instrument laying around the house, or read online about a random topic you want to learn more about. Even 5 minutes of learning a day will see you gain a new skill in no time.

Shop your wardrobe

You might be tempted to do some online shopping while you’re lounging around home, but you could discover some great finds in your very own wardrobe. We can all admit that there’s things in our clothing collections we’ve only worn once, so spend an afternoon trying on everything you own, mix and match, and discover some new ways to wear clothes you pass over when you get dressed normally.

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