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Caelum Young
Sales Partner to Jimmy Wu

Lavender Caelum Young

Caelum personifies the Thinking Man - his approach to work and life is thoughtful, considered and planned.

Caelum tackles life and work with a balanced perspective which supports his successful relationships with both buyers and sellers. His favourite place in the home is his bedroom – the quiet space where he can work, read, and rest.

Caelum is often on the go, both mentally and physically. He works out to improve his physical fitness and reads to better his mind. Continually improving himself both professionally and personally is Caelum’s greatest goal.

While Caelum’s head is often in a book, he’s also very much an open-minded people-person and always makes time to be with friends and family. He loves meeting new people and hearing their points of view because he believes you can never have too much perspective on anything.