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Kathy Phegan
Asset Manager

Kathy Phegan Asset Manager

In Kathy you have a committed friend and property manager for life, which is why she has the respect of landlords and tenants all over Adelaide.

Driven by her love of establishing long term, quality relationships with landlords and tenants, Kathy has been at the top of the property management game since 2012. She continues to help both landlords and tenants navigate the varied matters that inevitably pop up during the tenancy and investment process with ease, confidence and professional clarity.

Having travelled the world extensively over the years, Kathy has a natural sense of adventure and a friendly demeanor. Combined with her exceptional experience and knowledge of property management, there isn’t an issue that Kathy can’t calmly find a solution for.

Outside of work Kathy loves her garden, a natural escape where her green fingers are happiest. Her passion for outdoor living extends to camping with the family, something she enjoys as often as she can.

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Thank you Kathy!

I have been most satisfied with the way Kathy Phegan has handled my investment properties.
Rosemary, Landlord