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John Ktoris
Sales Agent

Simple Boffo 2020 05 May 25 1786

John can’t help but share his knowledge and passion for real estate for each person he comes across.

John prides himself on his professionalism and negotiation skills, John approaches each and every interaction with his caring and personable nature.

John’s results speak for themselves and are the product of his dedication to each client. He comes with a decade of experience in the credit industry, having negotiated for one of Australia’s largest debt receivable companies.

John’s knowledge and understanding of the market is constantly evolving. His commitment to professional development, together with the care he brings, ensures every sale is in safe hands.

Outside of work you’ll find John around Adelaide at the Zoo, the Museum and everywhere in between, spending time with his family, or enjoying a drink at his local pub with friends.

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John is very motivated and enthusiastic you can really see that he is passionate about the industry that he works in.

Well done John thank you very much for a great result.
David, Redwood Park